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Atomic habits PDF download|atomic habits pdf download free in english hindi marathi telugu tamil urdu Google drive indonesia worksheets

Atomic habits PDF download : Friends, welcome back to we are going to talk about teaching you about forming good habits. Which is written by James Clear, atomic habits pdf download free sometimes we spend our whole life in forming a good habit and then one day due to a small mistake, that habit changes in a second.

Atomic habits PDF download

Why does this happen In fact, we often believe that great efforts are necessary for great success. Although this is not clearly wrong, but sometimes a small effort. More effort brings better results. This book Atomic by James tells us about those habits. Tommy means very small or unlimited source of energy and habit means the things we do daily. The things that we repeat every day are clearly atomic, those little habits. Which can bring a big change in our century. Atomic Habits Book is for those people who want to reach the pinnacle of success, those people who want to know about their habits, those people who want to study psychology and those people who want to leave bad habits and adopt good habits. Are. To understand this book better, we are going to discuss it in 22 parts.

atomic habits pdf download free in english hindi marathi telugu tamil urdu Google drive indonesia worksheets 

And before you get lost in this video, if you are visiting our channel for the first time, then immediately subscribe the channel and also like the video. Our channel is one of the youtube channel. Our videos can sometimes be a little long because we never compromise in any other video so it is important to watch the video. So let's start to achieve great success. Start with small steps When you exercise every day, you will not become healthy and fit in one day. But one day you definitely become healthy. Similarly, when you eat fast food from outside every day, you don't realize whether you are getting fat? But after a few days or a few months, when you look at your old photos, you realize what effect not eating fast food every day has had on your health?

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We do so many things every day which are either good or perfect, but we always feel that the result of doing that small work will not be anything special. But we forget this because by doing small tasks continuously, we are far behind. How far can they go? For example, one person always searches good information on the Internet, while another person always looks for entertainment things on the Internet every day. He keeps searching. Although it appears that both people are using the Internet, but after 5 years the difference between them will be huge. Therefore, if you want to remain successful and healthy for a long time. So, identify those things which are taking you forward or backward and along with that, also see whether doing that work is good or bad and after that decide whether you should do that work every day or not.

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If you are doing some new work or something that you do every day, then ask yourself that if you continue doing this work like this for the next 5 years, what effect will it have on you? In this way you can find out whether you should do that work or not. If you spend your income in buying good agents and luxuries. So it is obvious that you are giving yourself rest and after 5 years its effect will be this. Will you still be earning the same amount of money after 5 years? But if you invest most of your income in making yourself better than before and in some place from where you can get good returns, then it is obvious that after 5 years you will be earning money by working hard.

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And will become a successful and successful person. Whether a child grows up to become a cricketer or not depends on whether he learns and practices in this direction from childhood or not. How will one who does not start move forward? In this way your results also depend on your habits. Your bank balance depends on your savings and your weight depends on your eating habits.

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How much information do you have? It depends on how much time you give to your studies. There will be as much garbage in your room and life as you have not cleaned in time. That means you get only what you do and repeat every day. Time widens the distance between victory and defeat. The more time you set aside, the closer you get to it. Good habits make time your friend and bad habits make it your enemy. So in this way habits play an important role in determining the direction of our life. So in this way you have understood how important good habits are but how to adopt them? To know this, it is important to understand that these bits are like a double-edged sword.

atomic habits pdf download free

If things go well then life becomes successful and if things go bad then throughout your life you must have heard the question, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Or what do you want to be when you grow up? But very few people ask what will you do in the next 10 minutes
Atomic habits free pdf download
Atomic habits pdf download


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