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Makkar IELTS Cue Card Speaking January to April 2024 PDF edition , as my training only includes information up until Makkar's ielts speaking Pdf January to april 2024 However, these editions typically contain updated cue cards, topics, and speaking questions that are commonly asked in the IELTS Speaking exam 2024 during that period.

Kiran Makkar's ielts speaking 2024
Makkar ielts speaking 2024

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Kiran Makkar ielts Speaking Cue Cards January to april Final version

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Makkar ielts speaking 

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Makkar ielts Speaking jan to apr 2024 

37. Describe something you taught to your friend/relative. You should say:
What you taught him/her? When it was? How long it was for? And explain how you felt about it.

January to april 2024 Speaking Guesswork (Final Version) Makkar's ielts speaking

My sister lives in the US. Last summer, she and her children visited us in India during the summer vacations.

Both her children, my niece and nephew are quite inquisitive and they are always keen on learning something new. One day, they saw me playing chess online and they immediately developed an interest in chess.

They requested me to teach them. They visit India very rarely, so I thought would be a nice way to spend some quality time with them. They were visiting for 2 months, so we had plenty of time.

I started with the basics and explained how each piece moved first.. With time, I covered some of the complex mechanics like castling and en passant.

ielts speaking 2024 Question with answers 

I also bought them a membership at, so that they could practice alone when I was busy. The website has some nice puzzles, which teach how to think in difficult positions.

They played against computer bots and other players as well Chess is about practice and the more they played different players, the more they learnt.

May to August Makkar's ielts speaking 2024 

They were very quick to pick up things and by the end of two months, they had also beaten me two three times. In fact, I also learnt a few special moves from them.

It was a very fulfilling experience overall. I think it was first time I taught someone something. I felt very proud when they picked up things and them beating me was icing on the cake. I lost as a player but I succeeded as a teacher

Kiran Makkar ielts Jan-April 2024 Speaking Guesswork (Final Version)

1. What are things that young people can teach old people to do?

I think they can teach them anything they are good at. However, if I had to pick something specific would say the use of technology like how to use mobile phone features, apps and computer softwares.

2. What skills can young people teach the old besides technology?

I think they can teach them the ability to change and adapt. Old people are generally hesitant and unwilling to take risks and make changes but they are necessary to survive in world. They can also teach them how to take risks.

3. Why older people have problems in learning new things?

I think its about memory. I think people's memory deteriorates with time and people start forgetting things. For example, sometimes when I am teaching my mother, she forgets the previous steps. However, when I repeat it once or twice, she picks it up.

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4. Do you think showing is a better way than telling during education?

Of course. Its easier to remember things we see. I am not sure why but I think our visual memory is far better. Moreover, there can be misunderstandings when telling something as words can be interpret differently.

5. Do you think constant training is important for people to study something?

Yes, practice is the key to success. I remember I once watched a video which said that if a person spends about 1200 hours on something, he can become an expert at it. I couldn't agree more.

www makkareits com january to april free download 2024

remember I taught my mother how to use Microsoft Word and now she knows about it more than me because she uses it much more.

6.) How can the young teach the old?

Kiran Makkar I think the best way way would be show them to do something rather than telling them what to do. Young people need to be patient while teaching and remember that it takes the aged a little bit more time.

January to april 2024 Speaking Guesswork (Final Version) Makkar's ielts

Was that helpful? What were the consequences after that? I was afraid of getting lost there. I was a little bit excited also.

38. Describe your experience when you changed your school/college" or Describe an experience about moving to a new school or house/ Describe your first day at school
Why did you change your school/college? When was it?

My school's name was SD Model Senior Secondary School. I vividly remember I was very nervous on the first day. This school was much bigger than my primary school.
I have been to two schools in my life.

My primary school was different from my secondary school.
I have vague remembrances of my primary school as I was too small then.
Here I would like to talk about my secondary school in which I studied from 6th to 12th class.

I had to change my school because my father got transferred to a different city and we had to move with him Coincidently she was also in 6th class. She took me to her class. That was the beginning of my new friendship. I just walked inside with the other students and went where they were going I was a new face for them so many of them were staring at me.

I asked one student about where 6th class was Her name was Harleen and till we are the best of friends.

New Cue Cards Makkar's ielts speaking 2024

She made me feel very comfortable. Ika The canteen was the most impressive. All the teachers were also very nice. I studied for 7 years in that school.
All my nervousness vanished. We attended the classes before the lunch break and during recess she showed me the whole schoolI was awed by the infrastructure of the school.
There were separate labs for physics, chemistry, and computer science.
There was also a huge library. Badminton and volleyball courts were also there.

Jan to april Makkar ielts Speaking Cue Cards Topics

They aim to assist test-takers in preparing for the speaking section by providing recent and relevant content for practice and improvement. Checking the latest edition can be beneficial for candidates looking to familiarize themselves with the current trends in IELTS speaking questions.

Kiran makkar ielts Important Topics

Kiran Makkar's IELTS series often covers a wide range of topics that are frequently seen in the IELTS exam. While I don't have access to specific details from Kiran Makkar's latest material, some common topics that are often considered important for IELTS preparation include:

Education: Schooling systems, online learning, benefits of education.

Technology: Impact of technology, social media, AI, its advantages, and disadvantages.

Environment: Climate change, pollution, conservation, renewable energy.

Health: Healthcare systems, healthy lifestyle, mental health, importance of exercise.

Work: Job satisfaction, career choices, work-life balance, unemployment.

Travel and Tourism: Destinations, cultural experiences, benefits of travel.

Arts and Culture: Music, literature, traditional customs, festivals.

These topics might vary in importance or relevance across different editions of the book, but focusing on these general themes can help candidates prepare for the speaking section of the IELTS exam.

 It's always advisable to practice speaking on various topics to enhance fluency and confidence.

Ielts Speaking Cue Card 2024 Makkar Ielts speaking

Here are a few common IELTS speaking topics that often appear in the test:

• Daily Routine: Describe your typical day, your activities, and habits.

• Hometown: Talk about your hometown—its location, culture, notable places, etc.

• Family: Discuss your family members, relationships, and activities you do together.

• Education: Talk about your education, your favorite subjects, and learning experiences.

• Work or Studies: Describe your job or studies, your responsibilities, and future plans.

• Hobbies and Interests: Discuss your hobbies, interests, and how you spend your leisure time.

• Travel: Share experiences of memorable trips or talk about your dream travel destinations.

• Technology: Discuss the role of technology in your life or its impact on society.

• Environment: Talk about environmental issues, conservation efforts, or your views on climate change.

• Celebrations and Festivals: Describe festivals or celebrations you enjoy and their significance.

These ielts Speaking Exam 2024 Makkar Ielts speaking 2024 January to april Will be Helpful For Your Exam cue card 2024 Makkar IELTS Speaking 2024 with answers Part 1 Part 2 Part 3, and Kiran Makkar IELTS Speaking 2024, 25 Cue Cards Topics 

JAN-APR 2024 Speaking Guesswork (First Version) www. makkarielts. com/ books
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Kiran Makkar's Speaking Guesswork Jan-Apr 2024

First Version Kiran Makkar English for Exams : Makkar's Ielts Speaking January to april 2024

Written makkar Ielts Book : Dr Kiranpreet Kaur Makkar
(MBBS, DGO - Makkar Hospital Phagwara)
Written By: Kiranpreet Kaur Makkar
Contributions: Deepa Makkar, Indroop Makkar, Ravpreet Singh

All materials in this pdf book are just for helping students prepare for the Makkar IELTS test 2024.

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1. Makkar ielts speaking This PDF book contains only Speaking Guesswork (Part 1, 2 and 3) for Jan-Apr 2024 Speaking Exam. Part 1 Questions can be found on Page.

2. This is only makkar ielts speaking our guesswork; you can still be asked different questions in the exam.

3. This is the First version of Jan-Apr 2024 Makkar Cue Cards Ielts Speaking 

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