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Are we becoming technological zombies?

The world is constantly changing and so is the society where people are

persistently adapting to these changes. Throughout history, men have always sought for

better ways to meet and fulfill human needs, and man's access to knowledge have led to

its application in order to improve the quality of life. This application of knowledge is

commonly termed as technology. Immersed into technological devices, plugged

earphones in order to shut the noise from the outside world, and hours of scrolling through

the latest social media posts. These indicate society's addiction to technology where

people live most of their lives in the digital world. This directs to the impression that

humans have evolved into zombies in this technological era where technology, which

should only be considered a convenience, has now become a necessity.

Technological advancements have hastily and unarguably made a great influence

in the function of the society with which the structures and definitions of family, education,

lifestyle, and so forth have been fundamentally altered. In fact, the invention of

technological tools have brought benefits to many over the past years. Infrastructures

were built in short periods of time, traveling from place to place has been convenient

through the availability of transport vehicles, and communication has been a lot easier

through smartphone technology. 

eassy on Are humans becoming technological zombies
Are humans becoming technological zombies

Furthermore, one of the major technological advantages

is the availability of the internet which has paved the way for instant access to

information—a digital library. It has also helped in online communication providing a great

deal in business productivity and the introduction of online businesses or e-commerce.

Technology have steered positive changes in human lives, however, it also

possesses its own share of negative outcomes. In effect, technology has become a drug

in the society bringing addiction to individuals who got hooked into it. Many people have

become obsessed with technology and closer to becoming slaves of the screen.

Nowadays, most people cannot even last a day without using a technological device such

as a laptop, television, or most especially, a smartphone. Based on the Global Digital


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