Essay on future educational challenges PDF

Essay on future educational challenges PDF|भविष्य की शैक्षिक चुनौतियाँ निबंध

future educational challenges essay PDF

over 60% of higher education institutions in India are promoted by the private sector. This has accelerated establishment of institutes which have originated over the last decade making India home to the largest number of Higher Education institutions in the world, with student enrolments at the second highest (Shaguri, 2013). The number of Universities has increased 34 times from 20 in 1950 to 677 in in 2014. Despite these numbers, international education rating agencies have not placed many of these institutions within t the best of th of the world ranking
produce world class universities.

challenges and possibilities for the future of educational technology

Knowledge is power. T India continues to face stern challenges. Despite g T. The empowered one is. However, still illiterate; only 15 per cent of Indian students och highonany poor as compared to 25 per cent of its population is graduate  The quality of education in India whether at primary or offer only enough seats major developing nations of the world. As of 2008. India's Paching porn nationwide are vacant,  these challenges and have the capability to make its identity at international level. However, it needs greater transparency and accountability, the role of universities and colleges in the new millennium, and emerging scientific research on how people leam is of utmost important. India provides highly skilled people to other countries therefore, it is very easy for India to transfer our country from a developing nation to a developed nation.
Growth of Higher Education Sector in India As higher education systems grow and diversify, society is increasingly concerned about the quality of programmes, public assessments and international rankings of higher education institutions. However these
comparisons tend to overemphasise research, using research performance as a yardstick of institutional value. If
these processes fail to address the quality of teaching, it is in part because measuring teaching quality is challenging (Hernard, 2008) India has been always been a land of scholars and learners. In ancient times also, India was regarded all over the world for its universities like Taxila, Nalanda, Vikramshila and its scholars.

current and future educational challenges PDF

By independence India had 20 universities, 500 colleges enrolling about 2,30,000 students. Since independence India has progressed. Journal of Education and Practice

Higher Education in India Challenges and Opportunities

Governments are trying to nurture talent
through focusing on the number of Universities and Colleges for expansion of higher educations. There is no
doubt to the fact that much of the progress achieved by India in education has come from private sector. In fact
the public sector and private sector is not in opposition to each other but they are working simultaneously in
Indian education sphere. UGC is the main governing body that enforces the standards, advises the government
and helps coordinate between center and states. The chart 1.1 & 1.2 shown below depicts the growth of
universities and colleges in India from 1970 to 2012 respectively.

future educational challenges essay in 100,200,300,400 and 1500 words PDF

The number of universities has grown more than six times in last four decades and  Challenges in Higher Education in India It is our 69th year of independence still our education system has not been developed fully. We are not able to list
a single university in top 100 universities of the world. Various governments changed during these six decades.
They tried to boost the education system and implemented various education policies but they were not sufficient to put an example for the universe. UGC is continuously working and focusing on quality education in higher

Essay on future educational challenges PDF

education: sector. Still we are facing lot of problems and challenges in our education system. Some of the basic
nges in high challenges in higher education system in India are discussed below:

Enrolment: The Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) of India in higher education is only 15% which is quite lowblow as compared to the developed as well as, other developing countries. With the increase of enrolments at school level, the supply of higher education institutes is insufficient to meet the growing demand in the country. 

Essay on future educational challenges essay PDF
Future educational challenges essay in english and Hindi

future education challenges system in india

Equity: There is no equity in GER among different sects of the society. According to previous studies the GER in higher education in India among male and female varies to a greater extent. There are Der regional variations too some states have high GER while as some is quite behind the national GER reflect ta significant imbalances within the higher education system.

Quality: Quality in higher education is a multi-dimensional, multilevel, and a dynamic concept. Ensuring quality in higher education is amongst the foremost challenges being faced in India

However, Government is continuously focusing on the quality education. Still Large number of colleges and universities in India are unable to meet the minimum requirements laid down by the UGC and our universities are not in a position to mark its place among the top universities of the world.

Infrastructure: Poor infrastructure is another challenge to the higher education system of India

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