flamingo and vistas important questions class 12 English term 2 cbse

flamingo and vistas important questions class 12 English term 2 cbse 

important questions for class 12 english vistas- Hellow students this lecture is very important for class 12 English . in this lecture we are going to discuss about Important questions of English flamingo and vistas  this is important for cbse Board exam 2023.

Que 1.Why did the General spare the American soldier?

Answer: The General had his own selfish interest in sparing the American soldier. He knew Dr. Sadao was indispensable to him and did not want him to be arrested. He did not trust other surgeons. In his capacity as a General he should have had the American soldier arrested but he refrained from it in his personal self-interest.

Que 2. Why was Dr. Sadao not sent to the battlefield? 

Answer: Dr. Sadao was a skilled and reputed surgeon who was in the process of perfecting an invention of rendering wounds totally clean. Moreover, he was treating the old General who could need an operation. So he was not sent to the battlefield as his valuable services could be needed at any time in his hometown.


Que 3. Why did the messenger come to Dr. Sadao? 

       What did Hana think about it?

Answer: The uniformed messenger comes to Dr. Sadao to inform him that the old General was in pain again. Hana felt relieved to hear that the messenger had come only to inform Dr. Sadao about the General’s ill-health. She had earlier feared that the servants had informed the police who had sent the man in the uniform to their house.


Que 4.What forced Dr. Sadao to be impatient and irritated with his patient?

Answer: His patient was badly wounded and this was a cause of worry, concern and vexation for Dr. Sadao. Saving him was a challenge for his skills as a doctor and harbouring him in his house could lead to Dr. Sadao’s arrest and his treatment was the ultimate test of the doctor’s patience.

Que 5. In what context does Hana remember General Takima? What does she infer? 

Answer: Hana remembers General Takima who at home used to beat his wife cruelly though no one now mentioned it ever since he had fought a victorious battle in Manchuria. She inferred that if a man like him could be so cruel to a woman in his power, he would be extremely cruel to the wounded American soldier.

Que 6. Did Geoff keep his promise to Sophie? How do you know?

Answer: No, Geoff did not keep his promise to Sophie. He told Sophie’s secret to Jansie’s brother Frank who in turn told Jansie about it. We know this because Jansie questions Sophie about her meeting with footballer, Danny Casey and Sophie is startled that Jansie knows about this meeting.

Que 7. How did Sophie’s father react when Geoff told him about her meeting with Danny Casey? (Delhi 2011)

Answer: When Geoff told their father about Sophie’s meeting with Danny Casey he did not believe it and suspected it was one of Sophie’s wild stories. He was filled with disdain and did not want to encourage her in any way. So he warned her to keep herself out of any kind of trouble.


Que 8. What thoughts came to Sophie’s mind as she sat by the canal?

Answer: Sophie considers the spot along the canal the best place for a date, as it is away from the rush of the city. As she sits by the canal she is lost in the world of her dreams. She imagines Casey coming along the river and her own excitement thereafter. class 12 english questions and answers


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