Advantages and disadvantages of online classes

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ADVANTAGES of online classes

(1) Extendibility, Accessibility, and Suitability - Users can proceed through a training

program at their own pace and at their own place. They can also access the training

at any time, receiving only as much as they need. In other words, "Just in time and just enough

(2) Quicker and cheaper) turnaround of finished product.

(3) Collaborative and exploratory learning environments.

(4) Easy and affordable training delivery - Chances are and you'll want to access this

before embarking on WBT) your audience has access to a browser. Validate what

browser(s) your audience has and what version(s) and you can capitalize on the delivery vehicle.

(5) Cross Platform - WBT can be accessed by web browsing software on any platform:

windows, MAC, Unix, etc. Basically, you can deliver your training course to any

machine over the Interet or company intranet without having to develop a different

course for each unique platform.

(6) Inexpensive worldwide distribution - No separate or distinct distribution

mechanism is needed (i.e., distributing CD-ROMs for CBT training). WBT can be

accessed from any computer anywhere in the world while at the same time keeping

delivery costs down.

(7) Reduced technical support - Web-based training courses decrease some of the

more "potent and deadly technical support issues that often enshroud technology- based training

(8) Ease of content update - The changes you make to any of your content are immediately available to your learning audience across the world.

(9) Installation options on private networks for security or greater bandwidth. If you

opt for intranet delivery, you have more control over plug-ins and bandwidth, giving you more options for inclusion in your WBT.

(10) Travel cost and time savings - Learning is delivered directly to the learner instead of the other way around.

(11) Web browsers and Internet connections are widely available - Most computer

users have access to a browser, such as IE4 or Netscape and are connected to a

company's intranet, and/or have access to the Internet.

(12) WBT-based development is easier to learn and pick up then CBT-based

development. You should be able to draw from a larger pool of WBT developers

than is available for creating traditional CBT.

(13) Vast, untapped market for training - The untapped WBT market is still large. If

you're looking for commercial markets, the Internet also offers a huge audience

hungry for material via the Net.

(14) Access is controllable - You can direct and monitor who receives web training -

when, how many times, and in what sequence.

(15) Billing options - You can bill, and collect on that bill-through Net distribution

billing by user ID number of accesses, date/time of access, or any other means by

which you want to assess usage.

(16) Direct access to many other training resources - The Internet gives access to the

largest library in the world. Capitalize on the offerings that have already been

created, and use them to enhance the learning you are distributing.

DISADVANTAGES online classes

(1) Limited formatting of content in current browsers. The WBT you create will not

resemble the CBT you might be familiar with because of Net bandwidth constraints.

So if your content relies on a lot of media bells and whistles," or particular

formatting, the Net might not be the best delivery medium.

(2) Bandwidth/browser limitations may restrict instructional methodologies -

Again, you are constrained by the technology. If your content relies on a lot of video,

audio, or intense graphics, and your audience isn't on a TI line, Net delivery will

only frustrate your learners.

(3) Limited bandwidth means slower performance for sound, video, and large

graphics. Know the bandwidth available to your audience, and what's reasonable

"wait" time for them before you commit to the Net. On average, most mobile end-

users are still running on a 28.8 kpbs connection.

(4) Someone must provide web server access, control usage, and bill users (if

applicable) - The Net doesn't magically solve all of your resource issues. Plan on

having someone oversee some of these issues.

(5) Time required for downloading applications - Again, be very, very aware of

download times, and we still recommend looking at delivery options considering a

28.8 kpbs modem if you are delivering training to an external audience or over the

Internet. Your training might be great, but if your audience isn't patient enough to

wait for it to download, it doesn't matter.

(6) Student assessment and feedback is limited - The Internet provides a wonderful

means to get all kinds of information back and forth to your audience, but it also

makes it harder to assess some types of student feedback and information.

(7) Many, if not most of today's web-based training programs are too static, with

little if any interactivity - This is probably due to the bandwidth limitation, but if we

Advantages and disadvantages of online classes

deliver poor, page-turning training, we can't expect stellar results from our learners.

(8) Cannot design and develop robust multimedia courses - The bandwidth

limitations of the Net constrain what can be delivered effectively.

(9) Are computers replacing human contact? - The Net is not right for all training.

(10) Newness - It may take longer designing and developing WBT courses, the first time

around. Because of its recent emergence to the training arena, new technologies

always require time, experience, and money in order to take full advantage of its

capabilities. The great thing, however, is you 'll learn new skills and knowledge with

each new course.

(11) Web-based training has high-fixed costs - Some people assume that since you

don't need a CD-ROM drive, you have no additional costs. Not so. It's important

that you consider doing a pilot before proceeding further into the WBT game.

Validate what works well, when, and at what it cost.

Advantages of Online Learning

Less in cost: The best part of this online learning is it is much more affordable compared to old-fashioned learning. In digital classes, parents are free to buy uniforms or spend travelling expenses and can save extra money. Due to this advantage of online education, economically weaker students can fulfill their dreams. You should pay for university credits and save a lot of money with digital classes.

Time-Saving: In online classes, there is no commute included as a student can learn and get a degree while sitting at the comfort of their home.

Tech-savvy: As you are using technology for learning so you can become tech-savvy by digital learnings. Yet, this is a good thing as in today’s age of technology most of the jobs require tech-savvy employees.

Easy attendance: Students can give their attendance right from the comfort of their homes. So they can attend all online classes without any absence.

Self-paced: Digital learning is often self-paced where you can do your work in your own time, unlike traditional classes. If there are no teachers, so you can easily take your own leisure time in finishing your work.

Disadvantages of Online Classes

Lose Concentration: Without having proper care for students while online lasses by teachers they can easily lose focus on studies. Also, virtual classes can be done through phone or laptop gadgets where students can easily move to games or videos or youtube for entertainment. This completely makes them go off track from subject studies.

Health Issues: Many parents are worried about their child’s health as it is unhealthy to sit for hours in front of a computer screen. Looking at the screen for too long can also damage their eyesight. Not only that, back problems due to incorrect sitting positions may arise.


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