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Human rights

Human rights"" is a fairly modem concept, Human rights"and it is one that has been getting a

great deal of attention here in the early years of the twenty-first century. While opinions

differ wildly about what constitutes human rights, most modern world citizens believe

that all people should have at least the most basic rights. In the following essay, I will

briefly examine this concept by discussing what I consider to be basic human rights. To

facilitate my discussion, I will categorize these rights as individual rights, national rights,

and general societal rights, and I will talk about just one right from each category.

As a basic individual right, I believe that I have a right to think anything that

choose without hindrance or persecution. What I mean by this is that I should have the

freedom to think any way that I wish without someone telling me that I have to think a

certain way. For example, my government or workplace superiors should never tell me

that I must think a certain way, because the thoughts inside my head are none of their

business. Furthermore, I have the right not to tell people how I truly think about

something if I choose to remain silent. For example, I have the right to not say anything

about what I think to a police officer, lawyer, or judge. My right to think my own thoughts

helps me preserve my own identity, and it helps ensure that I will not get myself into

trouble if I am in a bad situation. If this right were taken away from me, I might as well

be locked into prison, because I do not believe that I could be a free individual without

my own thoughts.

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essay on human rights

One of the basic national rights that I believe that people of all nations should

have is the right to vote for the leaders who run their governments. In other words, all

people should have the right to vote in open, free, fair elections. For example, people of

all nations should choose their country's president, prime minister, or other government

representatives. This is an important national right, because people should be able to

choose their leaders instead of having their leaders chosen for them or having their

leaders decided by birth. In countries in the world where people are not allowed to vote

for their leaders, such as the People's Republic of China and North Korea among

others, common people have no voice in their governments, and they normally also do

not have other freedoms and rights.

At the macro level of human society as a whole, I believe that all people should

have a right to the basic sustenance of food and water. It is a shame that with the

modern wonders of the twenty-first century, people in many parts of the world regularly

go without food and water for reasons other than those caused by natural disasters. For

example, people in many parts of the world go without food and water because of

warfare. Also, people all over the world go without food and water due to a lack of

money to buy food and water. Food and water are the basic needs of human existence.

People can live without clothing and shelter - let alone automobiles, cellular phones,

and diamond rings - but life can survive only a limited time without food and water.

Actually, there is no recognized basic human right to food and water, but this ideal is at

the top of my list of what I consider to be general rights for all humankind.

In conclusion, I believe that any concept of human rights should include the right

for individuals to think as they choose the right for people to vote for their national

leaders, and the right for people to have food and water to sustain themselves. Without

these basic rights, I do not believe that it is possible for people to truly be free. However,

with these rights at the top of the list of basic human rights, I believe that it is possible to

achieve a world society in which all people are free and live in peace.

Human Rights Essay

Alyssa Nauska

14th grade Winner)

Human Rights plays a role in everyone's life, but not everyone realizes it. It's involved in

every comment you make that includes someone different. Every near discriminatoryjake you

say. It affects people, even if it doesn't affect you.

Human rights means being able to hold hands with the person you love, work where

you're qualified to work without your skin color or sexual orientation being the reason you can't

it means having the right to be human, making choices and mistakes.

Everyday I hear comments being made about this being way and other comments about

that being retarded." There are an estimated 1.019,729 words in the English language. What!

don't understand is why these words are chosen to describe something meager or something that

Lacks quality

Society has gotten to the point where people think it doesn't matter what they say that

they think their comments and hate don't affect other people. Humans are often hurtful towards

cach other, but I believe we all were born with the innate of compassion and love.

These days, I see parents showing their kids what to think instead of how to think I see

people not being able to marry someone they love because they are the same gender, even

though it is acceptable to marry someone then divorce the next day. People say says aren't

socially acceptable, but the thing is slavery was once the norm. So what does that say about ou

community in June

Thew and see this type of thing everyday, people being ignorant and neglecting the

notion that all humans are equal. I wish I didn't see hias and prejudice, but I do lotin winess

people in Juncou, young and old, ignoring the fact that we're the same

Humans aren't bom racist, homophobic or sexist. We were born equal. So why is it

everyone is bent on believing that one life is less important than other? Why is it a person high

up in society can get away with something other people can'? How is that equal? Why is one

religion "correct while a different one is frowned upon? What gives other people the right to

decide who I wanna be and what I want to do with my life?

I don't believe in God, and I'm constantly being told that I'm locked out of Heaven for

it. But who knows what happens after we're done here! That's right, no one. So I'm basically

being held back by people who honestly don't know any more than I do about it

The right to be who we're destined to be belongs to everyone, not just people who are

favored of socially acceptable. I can look around and see a flawed humanity. My one hope is to

see that change. Because we may be different on the outside, but we are all human Nothing else

should define as notace, sex, or sexual orientation

I'm a Human Being, I Own a Right.

Charity Lumba

17 Grade Winner

How has human rights, changed your life! Think about our nights from today and from 50 years

ago. Compare and think of how it changed our nation. Human Rights plays an important role in

my life because it allows me to live free, and unworried. Having the right itself just makes me

feel special. It's like owning something that's never going to be broken he stoles, and lost. It's

with you anywhere and anytime,

Education is most definitely a right. Anyone that would want to go to school should he allowed

Eassy on human rights pdf 

not having to think about any bumers. There shouldn't be a hamer in the first place anyways

school should always be affordable for anyone. I think dacation is a privilege, and its sad to

think about that a lot of the students including me, don't even value school at all. But there are

probably thousands of other kids right now that's human, and is living in this world that is

wanting to be in school. But where is their right to be educated? Nowhere

We shouldn't be hearing and seeing torture at anytime. No one has the right to torture any other

human beings! Back where I was from I was told a story that one time a dad who came home

really drunk and was really upset about something. Of course he was probably not thinking night

Human rights eassy in english

cause he hit his son with a tube, not a plastic tube, but a heavy metal tube. Thesbid was left with

bruises all around his body. I felt temble and heartbroken almost cause it was sad cough to hear

the story but knowing that, that dad is still living his life to the fullest is ridiculous! He should be

in jail right now, feeling guilty of what he has done to his own son

Se overall what I'm trying to say is any human beings should always be treated with respect

whether you like the person or not. Respect their own rights and hopefully they'll respect yours

Just like the saying, "treat others how you want to be treated"

Human Rights

By Hannah Harvey

16 Grade Winner

All of us have heard of human rights, the rights all humans are entitled to, but we don't

really grasp the whole concept. For most of us Human rights are just something our parents have

to worry about that don't have much to do with us. But to me human rights are the knowledge

that we all are human and no mace, gender origin, religion or place of residence is better than any

other race, gender, origine

For me in Juneau, I think about human rights a lot. I think about if there were no human

rights I wouldn't have half as many opportunities as a woman as I do today. Even though this is

the 21" century, boys still think they are better than us, at least in my experience. It would be

much worse with a human rights

In Alaska we have lots of different races, Native Alaskan. African-American Asian

American Without human rights only the rich and powerful would have any rights at all. Also

the minorities would be crushed by the majorities Considering the number of racist jokes at

school, I think if we didn't have human rights the minorities would either he bullied at school or

not allowed to go to school at all

The reason we moved to Juncan in the first place was because my mom is a paso. When

we flest arrived we went to a lot of different churches, but without human rights there would only

he one religion that everybody had to follow or we would be sold what to believe by the

govement. If you had different ideas about religion you would be labeled as a traitor and

executed or imprisoned

At my school we have a wide variation of students, rich, poor, and in the middle Without

Human rights only the rich would be able to have an education The poor and middle class kids

wouldn't be deemed worthy of that kind of knowledge that's one of the reasons I am thankful

We had a Palestinian exchange student for six months. Just talking with her made me

realize how lucky I am to live in a place where human rights are emphasized. She talked about

needing a permit to go to the beach down the road. She also told us about how an Israel soldier

broke her dad's expensive journalism camera. Another thing that was frustrating for her in

Palestine was that women were not allowed to play out, her favorite sport

In Junew human rights apply to many aspects of everyday life, school church, devenity

and genders. I don't know where we would be without human rights, definitely not this

advanced. That is what human rights mean to me


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