cg board assiegnment 2 class 10 English solution pdf download |assienment 2 september class 10th english pdf

 cg board assiegnment 2 class 10 English solution pdf download |assienment 2 september class 10th  english  pdf 

Q. 1 Answer the following questions. 3x2=6 Mark

a. What sounded absurd to Aunt Jane?

He instalments for all the things came to seven pounds eight shillings eight pence a week. But his income was only six pounds. So, the instalment purchase seemed absurd to Aunt Jane

b. How did Jack manag pay seven pounds and eight pence out of six pounds? 

He borrowed the rest of the amount from the Thrift and Providence Trust Corporation

.2 Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the brackets. -

b. The excuse made by Benkensopp for not lining up for no kit was (bad hand / grand mothers death /

appointments with dentist / no kit)

c. Bienkensopp missed MATHS test (Science / Maths / Physical Education/English)

d. I know it is very upsetting sir'. Underlined word can be replaced in

above sentence by DISAPPOINTING (encouraging / disappoin distracting/torturing)

She have taught English very well

I am going to mumbai

I do get up the early in the morning

It rained yesterday, didn't it?

We all know that the corona virus has spread its name across the country. Its name is as it is a virus. When the corona virus came to our country, then all the people, all the people, all of us were scared. But as we know the corona virus. We fought with ourselves, fought with people, fought for ourselves, fought for our family. But we have | 375 many lives in this, including our family members. We have many We fought Corona for our country for the interest of our country. Everyone did their job. Everyone walked with such a distance in their Work that the corona virus was with us. The government also gave very Good support. He made many rules too. Another name for rs like maintenance is sir distance we have to wear mask. Us others. Have to stay away from We always have to keep sanitizing and in this corona virus there were many people who used to work for their day. The used to work for their livelihood. If that too is over, then we have helped such people who needed them, those people too. We have worked unitedly in the whole country of Corona virus, due to which today we are somehow saved from corona virus. We are beating the Corona We are defeating the corona virus, it is only because we have to get the Vaccine. Everyone has to apply and everyone has to be asked to get the Vaccine because when the vaccine is administered, one will not have to Cry and will not have to cry, then our country will be completely free From India, so let's go to drive away others and clean the country. Towards doing.

Q. 5 Read the Poem carefully and answer the questions. 1x4=4 Marks

a. How did the Duck praise the kangaroo?

The Duck praises the Kangaroo for his hopping ability. The Duck says that he lives in a nasty pond and his life is a bore. He requests the Kangaroo to give him a ride on his back

b. What did the Duck say about his life in the pond?

Virus corona warriors, but we did not give up. The Duck says that he lives in a nasty pond and his life is a bore... He tells the Duck that he lives all the time in the water. His feet are so wet and cold that if he sits on his back he might catch the disease of roomatiz.

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